“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”
~ Joseph Campbell~
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The History~

I first discovered yoga many years ago while standing on the precipice of a deep journey of healing and becoming. Yoga served as a dear companion and teacher during this time and quickly began to unfold beyond just a practice, but rather a way of living. I hold yoga as saying "yes" to the dance of the wholeness of life. A beautiful invitation to be in conversation with each step, each breath of the journey – the joy, the heartbreak, the confusion, the clarity, the simple, the complex, the awkward and messiness, the gracefulness and peaceful ease. To maneuver riding the edge between what is no longer and what has yet to come. 

I am an E-RYT 500 Hour registered yoga teacher & YACEP through Yoga Alliance having received my primary trainings in Vinyasa through Sonic Yoga in New York City and Hatha through Hathavidya with Will Duprey. I believe deeply that as teachers of Yoga we are always students first and thus continue to deepen my ongoing studies through Hathavidya. Additionally, I am Reiki attuned, currently studying Celtic Shamanism and am a student and practitioner of Herbalism . I have the privilege of teaching privately and in studios, leading retreats and in teacher trainings across NYC and internationally.  I teach from a profound connection with strength in vulnerability, radical authenticity, and the vastness of potential and possibility.  I believe one of the most beautiful things about being human is our ability to be found by the world and thus hold the intention that my classes provide the space and container for students to grow and become more of who they already are. My heart sings living a life that serves others in their journey, all the while inspiring the art of being fully alive.


The Story~

I have always loved the idea of myth, of folktale, of story. The oral tradition passed down from generation to generation through word, sound and song. Each human no matter how many decades or centuries in between has looked up at the same sky, the same sun and moon, eyes drenched with wonder at the mystery of it all, decoding messages in the stars and deciphering whispers from the wind. No matter how you view yourself and the world, how you see the weaving of cells and atoms and magick and stardust that came together to make you, I believe there is an extraordinary interconnectedness between us all. I see our stories as a map, first perhaps to unlock and understand ourselves, but more-so a revelation to the truth of our connection to and in all things.

My own story has lead me through some pretty profound darkness and suffering, and because of, what I believe, a willingness to turn towards and journey through that shadow, equally profound beauty, magick and enchantment has accompanied me along the way. I've lived, what I hold as an incredible life of scraping the edges of the pot into the spectrum of what it means to be human. There is a deep belly yearning at the core of my being to live and experience all the flavors and essences of life. Our stories perhaps are what shapes how and what we taste as savory and sweet, awful and pleasurable, and yet it is these same stories that are continually offering us the experience of living, of seeing, of learning, of expanding, of deepening into who we are. 

Perhaps then, it is because of my own hunger for living that I find myself continually curious and awe struck by the infinite possibilities in how life reveals itself. I am fascinated by people, by how they embody themselves, their lives and how they see the world. I am equally moved and utterly inspired by art, poetry, music, the shape and form of creativity. How a poem or a painting lives us and through us, rather than us living it. And I have always, from my earliest memories had a deep reverence, understanding and profound connection to the earth, to nature and all her teachings. For in each day, each night, and all the tiny moments in between nature is living her story, in all the shifts and changes and wild unfolding. The only constant is that she is offering us the reveal....to look in, to see, to remind us that we are a part of the same journey, a part of that grand story.

While I do love the lessons that lie between the folds of a great story, for me the beauty is that it brings us into connection. Connection with a part of ourselves, who we have been and who we are becoming. Connection with our life, with the world be it this one or the one just behind the veil. Connection with nature, with time and timelessness, with creativity and creation, with the divine. Essentially it brings us into relationship with truth as we navigate the paths of our life. And so here is a truth: I am astounded by the journey of being human and immensely grateful that there are always more trails to venture down, and hidden paths to uncover that extend far beyond what can ever be known. I am equally as grateful to have come to know quite a bit from the steps I have already taken. I spend my days with the intention of living fully and wholly in each moment, finding honor for this existence and all its offerings. Ultimately, each day walking this incredible path of humanity and magick and divinity and with every footstep, stumble, and
face-planting fall, weaving a little truth together along the way.