Living Sovereignty


I am a creatrix, a seeker, a wise woman, a whole hearted believer in magick and all that lies in the invisible realms. My heart is filled with wonder and curiosity and I am continually astounded by life in all its extraordinary beauty and mess.


I live yoga and weave my being through its practices along with an unfolding tapestry of art, writing, poetry and intimate connection with nature. I believe deeply in the good, hard, difficult work of living fully.

For me, a day well spent is one planting my feet into the soil, rooting with trees, meditating with stone, sharing secrets with the moon,
all the while finding bits of truth hiding out in my bones,
and weaving that truth into my living. This is the nature of my sovereignty.

I am continually inspired to guide and support others in connecting to and living their own sovereignty and thus my work takes on many shapes and forms in support of this. Through Yoga, Herbalism, Creative & Holistic Coaching, Reiki, and Shamanic practices I offer a vast container of possibilities to explore your own truth and navigating the path of living all that makes you feel fully alive.


May this offer you a place to seek, to land, to discover, to be inspired, to sink deep into your own truth....

        You are very welcomed here! 

~Jackie Foley